Welcome to Sacred Stones

We provide a range of handcrafted gemstone jewellery, beads and gemstone kits and tools, made with genuine high quality crystals, and infused with reiki personalised for you. Custom bracelets or pendants are available for any purpose or manifestation required. Each bracelet or necklace is made in ritual and infused with reiki.

We also make a range of handcrafted unique Prayer, Birth, Blessingway & Goddess Beads, and spiritual well being tools from crystal pendants to wands. We make Gemstone talisman necklaces and Silk wrap bracelets.

I am a qualified and intuitive crystal healer, I make jewellery and gemstone tools that are each unique and completely personalised to your needs.


DISCLAIMER Crystals are a complimentary therapy and should never replace proper medical advice. If in doubt seek professional medical treatment or advice from your doctor. No therapeutic claims are made on this website and no medical advice is offered. Sacred Stones assumes no responsibility for treatment or cure of any illness or disease. Sacred Stones provides this information for you to make your own decisions, if you want to use them yourself or on your family, that choice is yours. We believe that crystals do work with us on many levels and have positive benefits.