Are you new to crystals? Do you have a lovely collection of gorgeous crystals, points and tumbled stones? You have learnt how to cleanse them, to care for them, to charge them under the full moon and now you are thinking what next?

How else can I work with crystals in my meditation and healing?

One super easy  and very effective way is to use crystal grids and layouts.

Now a lot of people use these two terms as one but they are quite different.

A crystal grid is a specific geometric positioning of a number of crystals with the specific purpose to create a specific energy field. Crystal grids are placed in a significant place in a home or healing space and are designed to draw different types of energy to that space. A crystal layout refers to the laying of crystals on and around the body. Crystals are laid on and around the body where they need to go and are not in any geometic pattern. ♥

Do how do you make a Crystal Grid?

You don’t need a large number of crystals to make a grid. Let your intuition guide you. You will need one large centre piece and four directional pieces for a basic grid like pictured below. You will also need a clear quartz point to activate the grid. You will also need double terminated points along the lines to flow the eneregy through the stones.

Lets say we want to create a grid to create a loving space.

Choose a space where the grid will be undisturbed And create a sacred space.

Pick stones that all connect with love and attracting love. Cleanse and charge all your stones, taking your time and charge them for the specific intention of drawing love and attracting loving energy into the space. When you do this, you can choose specific intentions for specific stones. For example you may want to place a large chunk of raw rose quartx in the centre of your grid. Charge this piece with the purpose of drawing loving energy to you.  Let your stones know exactly what you need them to do.

Pick where the stones will go and lay them out.  You would place your rose quartz in the middle and then the four stones on the outside,  with double terminated clear quartz wands connecting the directional stones to the centre stone. use two for each corner stone. You will then need four single terminated stones to go around the outside edges to flow the energy through outside stones.  You can now add smaller stones along the energy lines.

You can now add additional components to your crystal grid. Some sprinkling of herbs, a red candle, a love spell. Anything that resonates with you!

Now you charge the crystal grid by using a charged crystal point.  Take a few moments to focus your intentions and create a simple affirmation that you will repeat as you activate the stones. Take your crystal point and hold it just over your centre stone. Feel the two connect, feel the centre stone send its vibrations into the energy around you. Once you feel the connection you can begin to trace the grid with the crystal point, starting from the centre out and creating a connection between all the stones of the grid. Take as long as you feel the grid needs, go through as many directions as you want, use your intuition, your connection to the crystals. Remember to repeat your affirmation as you do this.

When you are finished place your charging crystal next to your grid and you will need to repeat this process every couple of days.

Try it. Keep it simple. Feel the energy flow!