Do you love crystal jewellery? I do and if you are anything like me you have an abundance of crystal necklaces and bracelets and most days have quite a difficult time actually deciding how many necklaces and bracelets you can wear before you start looking like a walking jewellery stand. I know, I know I’m spoilt for choice. I do wear a lot of my creations. I do usually have a basic black necklace I can wear and then add other chains and stones to suit my day. But, now I’ve found these Interchangeable Snap necklaces I am in absolute heaven. You can change the stones people!!!. One day I wear my simple black onyx gemstone snap and then the next I can wear my Chrysocolla one, on the same necklace. I no longer have to have 10 different necklaces.  I can change the stone to either suit what Im wearing, what Im feeling or what i want to achieve for the day. Its perfect, I love it, I love them and I hope you love them too. Grab yourself some Interchangeable and see what you think.