Crystal Deva are the conscious beings found within crystals and stones. Crystal Deva are a manifestation of universal healing energy. It is the Deva or crystal beings which allow us to receive information and healing energy from the crystal structure. The Crystal Deva determine the healing properties of each stone as a unique entity (i.e. your individual Amethyst crystal) as well as the healing properties attributed to the general type of stone (i.e. all Amethyst crystals).

So how do we connect with these Deva’s? Well, there are  many ways to start connecting to the Devic kingdom or higher consciousness of a crystal but one of the best is to meditate. This can take some practice but is a great way to explore and connect with the devic kingdom.

Start this meditation by siting in a upright position, making sure that you are warm and comfortable. Choose a peaceful setting where you will not be disturbed. Your crystal can be held in your left hand, both hands, or placed on your lap. At first, do not stay in a meditative state with the crystal for more than 15 minutes or so.

Close your eyes and start breathing slowly, rhythmically but naturally. Concentrate on your breathing for a few minutes feeling yourself relax more and more on every out breath.

Mentally construct a protective pyramid around you, with the apex above your head and the four sides around your body. You can make this pyramid out of white or violet light and feel this light surround you inside your pyramid. Feel it charging the space around you. This is your sacred space. Next draw in this healing
energy down into your crown chakra and let it flow down your body, going naturally to where it needs to be. Try and let your thoughts flow freely.

Now open your eyes and focus on your crystal. Take in everything there is to know about the crystal. Note its shape, texture, temperature, and vibration. How does it feel in your hands. Look deeper into your crystal. Slowly imagine it growing larger and larger until it is big enough to go inside. Look for an entrance through its base, sides or point. Imagine yourself floating insider the crystal’s interior. Explore the inside of the crystal as you feel yourself become one. Now call to the crystal’s Deva. Affirm that the Deva of the stone is with you. Wait and see if you can sense a change of energy as your higher self-links to the Deva of the stone. You may feel a sense of joy, calm, energy, warmth, shapes, sounds or colours. You may hear a voice and receive a name.
Ask the Deva to share the guidance you need from the stone and allow yourself to receive it. 
When you are ready, create a doorway at the opposite side from where you entered. Step through the opening. Now see the crystal growing smaller and smaller until it rests once more in the palm of your hand.
Become aware of your pyramid of light and your body within it. Give thanks for all that you have received.