Welcome to Sacred Stones

Hello and welcome to my very first blog post here at Sacred Stones.

I’m Shannon and I am crazy passionate about everything crystals, chakras and energy. My plan for this blog is to share my information, my experience, my thoughts, my rituals, my how to’s, as well as share some crystal healing grids and visualisations techniques that can help you incorporate crystals into your life in a practical everyday way.

Although I find labels boring and  unnecessary I do want to say that I am a qualified Crystal Healing therapist and Reiki Practioner.  Purely so you know I’m not just some random crystal loving hippie (although I am) who did a one day course and decided to start a healing business or someone who once read a book about crystals and now considers themselves a crystal healing expert. Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course…..  So I can work at two levels, one from knowledge base and understanding of how crystals work and two on an intuitive level of what “particular” crystal is suited best to a person. Crystals have many healing properties and one crystal might work for you better than another because its more suited to your vibration…. but maybe more on that in another post..

So back to me introducing myself…. for someone who dislikes labels here is another… Im a witch. I believe in the old magic, yes you know that one spelt with a C, and not a K.  I am not wiccan and I follow no reed. I believe in the balance of the Universe, karma, esoteric healing, the changing of the seasons, the moon and all things spirit.

I started Sacred Stones in 2010 and I love it. Working with crystals and working with people to assist them in their healing or manifestation is part of my soul and I plan to start teaching soon, its something that both excites me and frightens me as it will push me out of my little comfort zone but hey, that’s what life is about, being excited and frightened by the things we love and pushing ourselves to always do more, to be better than we were yesterday.

Anyway, I plan to hopefully provide you with quality information here about crystals and crystal healing as well as share projects that I’m working on and some behind the scenes of Sacred Stones pics and posts, and a few of my random ramblings thrown in for good measure.

Until next time.

Crystal Blessings.